Dinh Cong Dat

Lacquered Buddha's Face

The iconic art piece from Dinh Cong Dat, the Budhha's Face is crafted from Fiberglass with multi-layers of hand-lacquered paint. This striking piece showcases the exquisite skills of Dinh Cong Dat for layering colours and strokes. Available in Black, Brown, Red & Natural Frames. Each piece is handmade and thus slightly different. Ready to hang on the wall or display on the table. 

Measurements: 31 x 24 x 7 cm 

Avoid direct sunshine and high temperature. Keep in dry & cold area. 

Do not use chemical liquid or hot water to clean lacquer decor.                                 

Do not soak lacquer works in water

Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe dirt on lacquer decor’s surface. In case of using wet cloth, you should use a dry one after to prevent water drops left on the surface of lacquerware.

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