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 You might be wondering why we have switched our concept to pre-order for some of products in our new collection. Here’s why:

1/ We are a small independent company

 We are a young independent brand with a small team running. Basically, me (the founder) as the main buyer, art director, web designer, content writer (you name it I’ll do it – typical for a small brand) with the help of my sister in Vietnam for supplier and a part time assistant here to help me with packing, inventory and all administration jobs.

We have very limited budget on marketing and other parts as we spent most of our fund on producing and sourcing the best we products we can find. Last year, on the launch of our first collection, we spent an enormous amount to produce our products, ready to sell and in the end, as a new brand, of course we still have a lot to follow through.

While we do believe in our products, we also have to reconsider the way we did it and see if there are any chances we can make adjust and make the best out of what we have. So here we are, in the middle of figuring out everything and being honest!

2/ Every item is unique and handmade. Some of them are even entirely bespoke

Our Bedding & Cushion ranges are mostly handmade by artisans in small villages in Vietnam. Each piece is made entirely from one artisan from the beginning till the end and hence why it’s very time consuming. It can take from 5-10 days to complete one Hand Quilt Bed spread.

As you might have realised, in most of products description that made of Velvet, we always have a small note about our Silk Velvet. With high composition of natural silk, our velvet is known for its unbeatable softness and luxurious feel, sometimes it gives the impression that it is wet and wrinkle, but we guess that’s the quirky charm of Silk Velvet and appreciate it as it is :).

Working on this Velvet and Mulberry Silk is very difficult and needs a lot of focus and attention as they’re very delicate and can’t be undone. Therefore, sometimes you might find irregular stitch or small missing seam. It’s very rare but do happen from time to time.

3/ Slow Products - longevity and heritage

We are still believing in Slow Products that embrace the longevity and heritage that pass along the way. Our items are designed in timeless colour palette so you can use it for a long time and could be mixed and matched versatilely. 

And the waiting time, exciting to see the products coming to life is the best time for us ! Yes, even though we have done it so many times,  we are still till excited every time we got to see freshly arrived pieces. We would love to share this joy and excitement with you. So yes, even our normal lead time is 4-5 weeks. You can email us at to ask for your order current process!

Pre order Process

You can Pre Order our Fall collection 'The Winter Berries' and bespoke items. Your order will be placed and the products will be crafted. You will receive an email form our team one week before its due to be dispatched to check address information. You will then receive tracking information from DHL/DPD.