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Ancestor techniques & craftsmanship:

The Annam House is committed to support and sustaining ancestor techniques by collaborating with local artisans in Vietnam to create handmade and individual uniquely designed pieces, whether it be hand-quilting, hand-embroidery or lacquered painting.

Celebrating heritage and artisanship is The Annam House’s mission, enjoying the process of experimentation on textile and pattern while combining them with contemporary colours and materials to re-interpret these traditional skills in a modern and defined way.


Indochina inspiration & contemporary arts:

Throughout her travels around the region, The Annam House founder, Tiffanie draws design inspiration from her many discoveries, from the ancient techniques to the expert craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection whether it is homeware, clothing or decoration is rooted in traditional Vietnamese and Indochina-inspired design.

While designing the ranges of loungewear, bedding and accessories in London, The Annam House has uncovered many hidden gems in the form of local artists and craftsmen discovered in Vietnam which share the same aesthetics and values with the in-house collections.

 theannamhouse, craftmanships, cushions, velvet, interior

Longevity – One world:

The Annam House is deeply committed to supporting and preserving the beauty of ancient techniques with emphasis on quality, longevity, individuality whilst paying attention to the delicate world that we live in. With a belief in timeless design, The Annam House collections are designed to enhance lives and homes around the world.