Introducing : Dinh Cong Dat

This month we are pleased to introduce an eclectic and evolving artist: Dinh Cong Dat. One of a few hidden gems we met during our trip in Vietnam while exploring the country. 

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Dinh Cong Dat is a contemporary creative Vietnamese artist, sculptor and painter. Dat graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University in 1994 with a B.A. in sculpture. He has participated in numerous international artist residencies and exhibitions including the Fielding Lecht Gallery in Austin, Texas, the Bankside Gallery in London, the Biennale in Liverpool City, the Iskandar Gallery in Paris, France and the Fred Harris Gallery at the Tokyo American Club.


theannamhouse, dinhcongdat

Lacquer Pig

Interpreting and combining the exhilarating sense of art with the exquisite skills of traditional craftsmanships, Dat often depicts animals, insects or human forms in his works. His inspiration came from small stories in his everyday life. He embraces new challenge and dare to change by discovering new material and techniques. 


the annam house, dinh cong dat, buddha

Buddha Face 

He is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and his works can be found in private collections in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Dat is also retained by Hermes to design and create their store front displays in Vietnam.


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Spotted Dove

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