Hand Embroidery Cushions

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At The Annam House we believe that to preserve the long lost art of hand embroidery, while supporting the local artisans, we also need to combine the contemporary elements to every pieces so that they would be adored wherever our customer lives. Whether it's the distinctive use of colour, luxury fabrics or our own interpretation of the traditional patterns. Hand embroidery usually takes a long time to produce, and when it comes to exquisite materials like Velvet, it's a real challenge even for our artisans. This quality is proudly reflected by the fine details of our Cushions, which now available in Velvet & natural Linen.

Daisy Cushion in Scarlet 

Tonkin Cushion in Jade Garden 

If you are still looking for the unique and quirky cushions cover then have a look at our Cushions collection. The hand embroidery follows the design enhancing the patterns and emphasising the texture of the materials . Pair these with our hand quilted throw/ bedspread to transform your bedroom or living room. 


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