Hand Embroidery in ancient village

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In recent times, I have visited Ninh Binh village where our hand embroidered cushion covers are made. The manufacturing process starts with the stencilling process to interpret the traditional  designs into our delicate velvet. Each steps made entirely by hand with great skill and attention. Hand embroidery  was first brought to Ninh Binh a long time ago and has since become a signature craft of the area that are still being supported & preserved till now.

Once the designs are transferred on to tracing paper, then the artisan will outline it in tiny pin to allow a pigment to pass through and create a rough sketch for the embroiderers to follow.

the annam house, cushions, handmade

Working by hand, and using a traditional embroidery frame, our artisans work together stitching the wool threads in various design stitch, transforming the velvet or linen fabric into a striking textured pattern.


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Once the embroidered fabrics are finished, they are taken to a wash house, where they are washed by hand and dried in natural sunlight. 
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