Gift Ideas for Mother's Day ( that your Mum will love)


Even if social distancing means that you might only be able to see you Mum on Facetime on the special day, it always mean so much to send her gifts. Start with one of these Mother's Day gift ideas to surprise and delight your mom on her special day. 

This year since we spend" little" more time at home than usual, you might want to explore and choose gifts that would make her feel happy to be at home ( and outdoor when we can). 

Accessories, loungewear, cushions, bedding ,unique home ornaments - these are things that your mother can enjoy for a long time and truly reminding your appreciation for her being there always. 

1. Velvet Scrunchies Set 

Velvet Scrunchies Set in Persian Blue £30

 Our Velvet Scrunchies Set is the essential hair accessories if you want to avoid hair friction. Made from luxurious Velvet, they are silky smooth, leave no hair after pulling out. Your mum can also put them in their own drawstring storage bag when travel or maybe hide sweets in. Available in various vibrant shades. 

 2. Velvet Eye mask

Velvet Eye mask in Cool Grey £35

If you want a safer choice then we suggest our Velvet Eye mask will do the job. It will become her best friend if your mum is a light-sleeper. The Velvet Eye mask will sooth her to sleep during the night and day snooze. Comes in matching shades with Velvet Scrunchies Set

3. Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases in Macaroon and Rust £60 each

You might have heard about the the mystery of Silk Pillowcase, not only helping reducing hair friction and wrinkles, it also be valued for its ability to regulate body temperature. Made from 100% Mulberry silk 19momme, our Silk Pillowcase will enhance your mum sleep and decorate her bedding in elegant colours. Available in Buttons, Zip or Envelope opening, simply styled for both modern and traditional homes, this minimal design will bring subtle luxury to any bedroom decor.

4. Cushions

Daisy Cushion 45x45cm in Mustard £115

The unbeatable classic, Cushion is the quickest way to elevate your mum's bedroom and living room without painting the whole wall in the Pantone color of the year ( and we don't want to mention " Grey " just yet). Intricate design with beautiful craftsmanships made by hand in luxurious velvet and natural linen, our Cushions will add a touch of the new season to her home. 

5. Velvet Loungewear

theannamhouse, loungewear

 Velvet Long Robe in Forest £325

Perfect for slipping on after a long day, this long robe has been crafted from silk velvet for the softest fit. Looking to really blow her mind this year , then our Velvet loungewear range will be the ultimate gift to show your appreciation to the woman who raised you. She could wear the robe at home or as a light layer when going outside. Pair with jewellery and a pair of mid heels for the extra exposure. 

6. Buddha Face Home Ornaments

theannamhouse, dinh cong dat

Hand Painted Buddha Face £ 185

People always say, save the best for last, this Buddha Face is an unique home ornaments piece for her sanctuary corner. The original concept from the artist Dinh Cong Dat is that everyone has the same face when they just entered the world, they then choose their own egos and identities in the society when growing up. The Buddha Face is a reflection to remind your original self and find your piece at home. 

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